Patrick and Tonya Ireland

Military Chaplain, US Army; former missionary and military wife

Nicki's book is a joy to read; it is warm and inviting, just like her home.  She reminds us of the importance of ministry, of using all that God has given us to minister His love to others.  You will receive a gentle nudge to do what God's word commands us in Romans 12:13, "...practice hospitality."  You will come away ready to host your next, or first, guests. For some of us, it isn't as easy as she makes it seem, but she reminds us It's Not About the Pie.  It's about the heart.

Nicki has a track record of demonstrating hospitality.  Her words are valuable to us, not only because they are needed but because she has put them into practice.  Our own personal memories of enjoying her hospitality are precious and I know these wonderful words will inspire others to practice hospitality in new and effective ways.  Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with us all, Nicki.

Marissa Dickey

Missionary to Colombia, South America

Nicki skillfully and creatively encourages each one of us to joyfully embrace the unique space that God has given us  and to never underestimate the power of His love shown through the way we share our homes and our lives with others.

Sarah Zimik

Chief Development Officer at Boise Rescue Mission Ministries
Co-Owner of Empty Hand Combat
Co-Founder of International Missionary Network

In this day and age when, with the flick of a finger, Pinterest provides thousands upon thousands of ideas and images, it is easy to become overwhelmed when gathering inspiration to decorate, put on parties or pull together different ways to help others. The desire to be perfect causes me to sometimes freeze and not do anything at all in helping people to feel warm and welcomed because I am measuring myself against what I deem perfection. Nicki's book, It's Not About the Pie, provides warm, sound guidance that hospitality is a mindset and "that God can use imperfect people to perfectly bless other imperfect people with everyone having a good time in the process." I relish reading those words as they remind me to relax, be my imperfect self. and show warmth and compassion to everyone God puts in my path.

Dee Sarton

News Anchor for KTVB News Channel 7

Too many of us have grown up thinking that only some people have the "gift" of hospitality. Nicki is giving that gift to all of us who long to create a home where people feel welcome, loved and valued.  She makes is easy to see the heart of hospitality is within reach. Her book is a joyful discovery of how-to's and heart.