April 1st, 2018

Not Really A Princess


This book is the redemption story of three women; Moma, my sister, Lisa and I. My sister and I were adopted together at an early age and later discovered birth relatives. Our adoptive parents went through difficult years and Dad died when we were teens. It was through his death that we came to know the Lord. During this time, we had no income and life was difficult.

Through years of tragedy God showed us His tender care and compassion. This book deals with loss, poverty, grief, adoption, love and discovery. My hope above all would be that everyone who reads this book will find encouragement and be able to share that hope with others.

Coming Aug. 1st 2019

It's Not About The Pie


Are you ever concerned about your role in reaching out to others, hospitality and sharing what you have? I believe hospitality is not a gift but something everyone should do. It does not matter where you live, you can share what you have. There are many ways to reach out to others without having a fancy home or lots of money.

I am so excited about this book. The layout will be lovely, in color, with many photos. There will be a section with favorite family recipes and home decor ideas. Also included, will be a section on our responsibility to help those in need and how to be generous with what we are given. I think that this book will make a great gift for any woman wishing to share with others.

Coming Soon

The Problem With Being A Peter

Christian Living

I was the quiet, compliant one at home growing up. I did not realize when I was younger my issues with procrastination, saying things I shouldn’t, having great ideas with no follow through and feeling zealous only to not do anything about what I was passionate about. Every time I read a story about Peter’s problems in Scripture; denying Christ, doubting His power or blurting out something to Jesus, I think about myself. I also think about how God was still planning on using Peter mightily to build His church.

Sometimes we know that we have weaknesses but God created us to be unique and He has a mighty plan to use us if we just allow Him. I am 58 and just now starting to work at what He has planned.